what happens to your body when you stop exercising

What happens to your body when you stop exercising?

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How much committed you are to your physical workout??

Are you working out regularly or feel like not working out at all after some days?? Many people like me really find it difficult to leave the bed early and do work out. Though we care about our body and get the determination to work out that is only for a short period. That is why we stop working out after some time.

Don’t skip the workouts!

If you are skipping the workouts, then you should realize that the only person you are hurting is only you. You know exercise has enough potential to help you feel strong physically, mentally and emotionally.
Exercise is such an excellent source which helps to rid your body stress or depression. Daily workouts help you to stay focused. The thing is it takes time, dedications and simple hard work.

But are there any negative impacts of leaving workout in between??

Unfortunately, the answer is ‘YES’. Studies have revealed that when we stop working out after some days, then within 15 days, it starts showing the negative effect on our health.

What negative effects are shown in your body after quitting exercising??

1. High Blood Pressure

Even if you don’t notice a change in your speed or strength, you might experience a sharp rise in your blood pressure and blood glucose levels, Something that could be more serious for people with diabetes or high blood pressure, says Dr. Hameed.

2. Effects on blood sugar

According to the Journal “medicine and science in sports and exercise”, within 5 days the effects of inactive lifestyle start reflecting in our blood sugar level as it starts increasing.

3. Mental stress and exhaustion

According to a research by behavior and immunity journal, not working out for even 15 days causes mental stress. Exercises help to cheer up the mood of those, who remain depressed.

4. Slow metabolism

As per the studies conducted by strength and conditioning journal, not working out even for a week, slows down the metabolism, and due to which muscles capability to reduce fat decreases.

Times When You Should Skip an Exercise:

skipping workouts usually, aren’t recommended unless you have valid reasons for not working out.

  1. You are sick or ill.
  2. You’re Exhausted
  3. Too busy with your work but once in a while
  4. You’re Exhausted
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