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The Life Of Kashmiris People – My Letter To Our PM

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Respected Narender Singh Modi Ji,

After the Pulwama Attack, I have so many questions in my mind. I can’t share these things with ordinary people as they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

At this time, you are a person who can do anything because you have the power of the Indian Government.

I want to share these questions and facts with you:

Why the Kashmiris always cheers for Pakistan? Is the fault of Kashmiris? Why is it so easy to be transformed into terrorists for Kashmiris?

Again, this is the fault of Kashmiris? How long do we get the mistakes of the Kashmiris? The people who always saw violence, attacks, bombs, fear from their childhood, what we can expect from them?

Can we expect love, feelings and loyalty from these persons towards our country?

Just keep ourselves in place of Kashmiris and then imagine, how they feel in fear of attacks.

None of the people wants to become a terrorist. But they learned only and only attacks, fear and violence. Seeing the violence, any human can transform into a Hardcore person.

In India, all states provide education, health, hotels and many more. But in J & K, there is nothing. The children of J & K throw stones in our Indian army. Why? Do they hate us? Or for the sake of a few money, they do this.

All the time, curfew continues in J & K. In that situation, will they go to school and college? We are the people of a powerful government. Then why the Kashmiris face all these issues. I request to our respected Prime Minister, use your government and improves the life of Kashmir. If you want to change it, you can surely change the entire Kashmir. It will take time, but one day, not everything but a few per cent certainly will improve.
Please don’t take my facts wrong, just consider it with a cool mind.

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