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What are some dirty truths about India?

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You know There are some Dirty Truths about India You know we Indians are hygienic inside our homes but feel no responsibility towards our society or country

You always heard this myth – Focused, hard work is the real key to success. ByJohn Carmack, stop believing in this. If you have a rich father, you will lead to the successful life. I have seen so many cases in my real life.

In India, You can buy everything including love, honesty, court, police, Judge, lawmakers, and even the government.
Here, you will be judged based on your caste, culture, language, religion, etc.

According to an international agency, most of the Indian news and media is the most corrupt and misleading news media in the world. Most of them are owned by the politicians and report only news which is beneficial to them, not to the society or the general public. –

Dirty Truths about India Fake Media

Here, in India, public kissing is a no-no, but raping is a profession. Especially in Delhi. India ranks 4th among the Unsafe countries for Women.
According to NDTV News, Delhi has reported the maximum number of rape cases among 19 major cities at 40 percent, besides the highest crime rate in 2016, according to the data released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) today. It is very shame for us.

I noticed one thing of our Indians, that we are very rude and arrogant to other Indians, but nice and quiet for foreigners

One of the main cause of rape in India is the female’s fear to protest. males are more aggressive expressive and can’t control their hormones or emotions. These points are purely related to most rural areas. Not for developing cities. Their environment is different from rural places.

Dirty Truths about India Stop Rape


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