Techno Vigor smartphones cause infertility

Smartphones may cause Infertility

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Do smartphones cause infertility? Do you often remain busy with your smartphone doing one thing or the other??
Do hours pass like minutes while surfing over the phone?? Are you being not able to find time for any physical activity just because you are too busy with your smartphone??
If you have “yes” as your answer to these questions, then keep reading this article.
It’s true that smartphones have become the lifeline of modern lifestyles. In fact, we can’t live for more than a minute without our phones, not even in the washroom. But is this a good habit?? Could there be any negative effects of using smartphones like oxygen??

Unfortunately, the answer is “yes”.

Techno Vigor SmartPhones Cause Infertility

May Smartphones cause Infertility?

It has been mentioned in a source that increased use of smartphone causes problems like fatness or obesity and obesity, in turn, increases the chances of infertility. Obesity has been the cause of infertility not only among women but among men as well. This is so because this leads the sperm count to fall among men. Because of this, many couples remain deprived of the happiness of being mom and dad. Obesity also has an impact on the birth-giving strength of a woman. It becomes difficult to conceive for an obese woman. Therefore make limited use of smartphones to lead a healthy and happy life.

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