SleepyCat Mattress Review

SleepyCat Mattress Review – Innovative & Luxurious Mattresses

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SleepyCat is one of the best and perfect Mattresses brand in India.

It is the first mattress which came in a box. That is First Mattress In A Box.

Sleepycat Mattress Review First Mattress-in-a-box
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The main aim of SleepyCat is to make your life comfortable and relaxed. The mind behind the SleepyCat is none other than Mr Kabir Siddiq.

SleepyCat mattresses are a pressure relieving mattresses which provide adequate back support and better sleep.

They know how important your sleep is, also the process to buy a mattress has been so unpleasant and time-consuming.

So to keep in mind these things SleepyCat presents all the perfect features in their mattresses.

Amazing Innovations of SleepyCat Mattress

  • It Built with High-quality materials for your better night’s sleep.
  • Its Orthopaedic memory foam mattress is a blend of cooling, support, and excellent comfort.
  • Its Gel memory foam layer helps to distribute your body weight equally and keep you cool all night.
Sleepycat Mattress Review Foam Gel
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  • It provides 30 Nights free trial.
  • Its warranty is of 10 years on the product.
  • It provides Free Shipping.
  • It comes with a superbly detailed cover that provides breathability and optimal airflow.
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