Rose Garden Chandigarh

Rose Garden Chandigarh – Asia’s Biggest Rose Garden

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Rose, the most beautiful flower is the first choice of any flower lover. I do not think that there would be any such person in this world who doesn’t like roses.

Every colour of rose is a symbol of different relations and emotions. Red for lovers, yellow for friendship and white for peace.

And a place where you can find a whole variety of this beautiful creation of nature is none other than Chandigarh’s very famous rose garden.

Rose Garden Chandigarh is situated in sector 16, this place is one of the points of pride for Chandigarh. You can find even some rarest species of roses here.

Best Time to Visit Rose Garden

Every year at the end of February, a fest is organised here, popularly known as Rose festival. People from across the country come here to perform and spread their cultural colours. Lakhs of people come here to enjoy the fest. This fest continues for three days.

Rose Garden Chandigarh Ticket Price

The best thing about this beautiful place is that it costs you nothing. You can come here and enjoy with your loved ones any time. There is a verka booth inside the garden so don’t worry if you feel hungry or thirsty while exploring this place.

Rose Garden Timings

Monday To Sunday: 5 AM To 9 PM During the summers.

You can even go for a morning walk.

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