Rock Garden Chandigarh

Rock Garden Chandigarh – Visit This Wonder

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Wonders are created when a human decides to blend the nature with his creation. One such example of this blend is very famous and one of the most visited places in India The Rock Garden. Situated in City Beautiful, this place is the heart of this city.


“Nekchand” the man behind this beautiful creation had spent almost 18 years of his life in the making of this place. He used to carry out his artistic work after finishing his main job. Though his body has left this world, his soul still resides in every piece of art he created with years of hard work. His hard work reflects in every corner of this place.


One of the best thing that I like about Rock Garden is that it promotes the use of discarded materials for the improvement and beautification of our environment. This is a great example of Recycling given by Nek Chand. Things that others discarded finding useless were made eternal by Nek Chand. He rearranged the broken and shattered pieces of items in a unique and original way that has been applauded by the whole world.

Rock Garden Timings:

The Rock Garden Timings are different in summers and winters.

April- September
Open Time: 9:00 AM
Close Time: 7:00 PM

October- March:
Open Time: 9:00 AM
Close Time: 6:00 PM

Rock Garden Address:

Rock Garden is situated in Uttar Marg, Sector 1. Local Buses, Private Cabs, and Auto Rickshaws are easily available.


As you enter this place, you will feel like who have come to an old age cave followed by a beautiful Waterfall that is enough to refresh your mood. You will find a huge crowd at the waterfall as people from far away places come to enjoy the beauty of this place every day. If you are visiting during summers, then this waterfall region will feel like heaven.

Then there are amusing mirrors, aquariums, swings, and special stones to see. Many small shops are inside this place where you can find artifacts and other amazing items. There are some eatables shops as well to raise your energy level again to enjoy this place further. You can also take a camel ride here. Then there is a wishing well where people throw coins. Though I am not sure whether the well really fulfills their wishes or not but I definitely feel some positive vibes here.

Here, hours pass like minutes. This place is really a very delicate time pass.

This is truly a classic and masterpiece place to bring your Beloved and closed ones.
Rock Garden is really the Pride of Chandigarh. Visit this place when the weather is pleasant to avoid tiredness.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope you liked it. Let me know through your comments. And soon make a plan to visit this wonderful place if you haven’t visited yet. 🙂

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