Kabir Siddiq Sleepycat Founder

Kabir Siddiq Sleepycat – Founder Of India’s First Mattress In A Box

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India’s First Mattress-In-A-Box – Kabir Siddiq SleepyCat

One important thing that distinguishes the successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones is uniqueness and innovation in ideas.

One such innovation that revolutionized the mattress industry is none other than “sleepy cat mattress in the box”.

And this article is only about the genius mind behind SleepyCatKabir Siddiq.

The famous personality Kabir Siddiq is the CEO and founder of SleepyCat, “India’s first mattress in a box”.

Kabir Siddiq Founder Of SleepyCat
Image Source: SleepyCat.in

Handsome by looks and intelligent by the brain – it won’t be wrong to call him a perfect combination of mind and elegance.

He left the banking and financial services sector to pursue an entrepreneurial path which led him to fall into the mattress and furniture industry.

His journey began when he entered the old and unchanged mattress industry.

He realized that there was a tremendous difference in the market between manufacturing a mattress and eventually delivering to the consumer.

Apart from this, the quality and structure of the mattress being sold on those amounts were not close to being comparative or justified!

The main aim of this young person is to make the process of mattress-shopping fun and easy while giving a world-class product through just four simple clicks.


Completed his graduation in economics and telecommunications from Indiana University, US.

Kabir started as an investment banker in Mumbai. And after Five years, he chose to join his family business of mattresses and other furniture.

And then what was! “SleepyCat” got invented.

Now, Let’s talk about the luxurious and innovative SleepyCat Mattress.

We are not just selling a mattress. We are selling better sleep.

Kabir Siddiq Sleepycat Mattress
Image Source: SleepyCat.in

SleepyCat delivers you a luxurious mattress direct from their factory at a portion of the cost of traditional retail.

You know that the best thing about this mattress is that you get this mattress in a clean small box so that you do not need people to take it for you.

And for this, you do need to pay extra delivery charges. Wow! that is a great thing.

How Do You Know the Mattress Is Best and Suitable For You?

You do not need to worry about this. SleepyCat gives you 30 Nights risk-free trial.

It means, after 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with sleeping on your new comfortable mattress, you may return it for whatever reason and will be entitled to a full refund.

So Why the Name SleepyCat?

Cats nap up to 24 hours a day and the name was to pay tribute to the Garfield in all of us, that wants to eat and sleep all day – Answered By Kabir Siddiq. 😀

Want To Try SleepyCat? – Check Price on Amazon

Kabir Siddiq Sleepycat Mattress Check Price
Image Source: SleepyCat.in
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