Perfect Relationship With Your Boyfriend

Perfect Relationship With Boyfriend – 21 Best Ways To Maintain?

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Being in a relationship with someone is one of the most amazing feelings. Getting someone who always stands by your side no matter what is indeed a blessing. You guys start doing all the stuff with togetherness.

You guys laugh together, cry together, dream together, take steps together to make them a reality, and experience a lot more things together. Sharing every detail of the day with someone and being assured that they will listen no matter how boring your talks are, is a wonderful feeling.

From doing all efforts to look perfect for him to That blush on your face when he compliments are all that adds a real excitement in your life. No matter how bad your day was, a tight hug from him at the end of the day with make everything alright.

But relationships are indeed like a game which requires team efforts. Both the partners lose the game even if one becomes effortless. So It’s our continuous efforts that shape our relationships with our beloved ones.

We women many a time make some silly mistakes that weaken our relationships. What are the things to do to improve your relationship?

Here in this post, I will discuss some of the best ways and relationship building activities to strengthen the relationship with a boyfriend that we can do to maintain the perfect relationship.

How To Maintain a Perfect Relationship With Husband/Boyfriend

1. Never argue

Never argue

One of the keys to the healthy relationship is to avoid arguments. Arguments can make the situations worse. These are not very big things but little things that start the arguments. Sometimes we say something that might hurt our partner. It’s not important that just because you two are in love that their thinking will match with yours. We simply argue when we don’t agree with them over something.

Remember there is nothing wrong with putting your point in front of your partner, but there is always a right way to do things. Don’t argue when he is in anger. Wait for him to calm down and then tell him what you think, in a polite way. I am sure that he will definitely understand then.

2. Never Compare Him With Anybody

Never compare Him With Anybody

Girls, never ever try to compare your partner with anyone. Many times we compare our partner with our ex or even with our friend’s boyfriend. Sometimes we want our partner to do certain things for us and instead of saying directly, we use comparative ways.

Like we say my friend’s boyfriend often takes her out for dinner and look at you”. Comparing your partner with others will make him feel that you are not happy with him. So instead of making the comparison just directly tell him what you want from him. And remember girls, if due to any reason he is not able to fulfill your desires, try to understand him. This will give a boost to your relationship.

3. Appreciate His Efforts ?

Appreciate His Efforts

Girls try to appreciate each and every effort that he makes for you. Tell him that you are excited whenever he plans a surprise for you. Tell him that you loved whatever he did for you. Never take his efforts for granted, Otherwise, he will stop putting efforts. Never say things like” it was nice but you could do better” or “I expected something bigger”. Your appreciation will encourage him to put more efforts in future. All this will improve your relationship.

4. Spend Time Together

Spend Time Together

Time is the best gift we can ever give to our loved ones. It’s not the expensive gifts but the moments you spend together that counts for.

No matter how busy you are, always make some time for your partner. You can watch a movie together, cook together, or just simply sit together. The Moments you spend together will give you some amazing memories that you will cherish for your whole life.

5. Give Him Space

Give Him Space

Loving someone doesn’t mean that you should always be around them. Try to give your partner his own space. Just know that he has a life other than you and let him enjoy that time. Being around him every wtime or continuously calling or texting him when he is not around will only make the things irritating for him. Also, he might start taking you for granted. So giving him proper space will be healthy for your relationship.

6. Be Playful And Have Fun

Be Playful And Have Fun

Never ever let your inner child die. Being playful and funny with your partner will make the situations lighter. You can’t pretend to be sophisticated to the one you love all the time as it might make him hesitate to be funny with you. You can indulge in playful activities with your boyfriend. Cracking jokes, laughing out loud when he cracks one, teasing him, being stupid and silly with him is definitely gonna make you guys come closer. He will feel free to present his inner child to you and your relationship will grow this way.

7. Talk To Him

Talk To Him

An effective communication is meant to solve each and every kind of problem. Talk to your partner on a regular basis. Share things with him, ask him how his day was and tell about yours too, ask him if he is having some problem or if he is stressed out. This will make him feel that you really care for him and he will share his problems with you. This will improve your relationship.

8. Listen Carefully

Listen Carefully

Listening carefully is one of the most important things in an effective communication. Many a time we don’t even listen to what our partner is trying to say while having an argument with them. We ignore their point of view while proving ourselves right. It’s important that you pay attention to what your boyfriend is trying to say and show him that you are listening carefully by nodding or repeating his words. This will help you guys to end your argument on a good note. And your mutual understanding will enhance.

9. Don’t Try To Change Him

Girls, don’t ever try to change anything about your partner. Remember that being with him was your choice. Never say things like” why don’t you change yourself?” or “you should change yourself”. This will make him feel that you don’t want him anymore and he may even leave you. Remember, nobody is perfect, not even you. So Accept him just the way he is, Just like the way he accepted you. By this point, I don’t mean that if your boyfriend is, having some bad habit like of smoking or drinking, then you should not try to change his habits. Of course, in that case, you must step in and help him to get rid of that habit. This will help your relationship to grow.

10. Have a Life Different From Him

Have a Life Different From Him

Remember that boys like the girls who are independent, fun loving and friendly. Take your own space and have a life other than your boyfriend. Hang out with your girl’s squad and other people. This will make him miss you, even more, when you are not around. And your relation will become healthier.

11. Show Your Love

Show Your Love

Showing love to your partner is very important. Never miss a chance to tell him how much he means to you. There are a million ways to show him how much you love him. A gentle kissa tight huga smooth touch while talking, leaning on his shoulder or to sleep in his lap are some of the ways to show love. These things are important no matter what stage of your relationship you are at. Never let romance to fade away between you two. Keep that spark alive, otherwise, your relationship will become boring and spiceless.

12. Tell Him What You Feel

Tell Him What You Feel

You should always tell your boyfriend whatever you feel. No matter for how long you two have been together, you can never expect him to read your mind. Don’t expect him to interpret the things from your behavior. Tell him directly if something about him bothers you. This will sort out things in a proper manner. Otherwise, your frustration will come out in an inappropriate way and it will make the things worse.

13. Don’t Lie To Him

Never ever lie to the one you love no matter how bitter to truth is. Honesty is what shapes a relationship. Never hide anything from your partner that might hurt him. Never spoil your relationship with your loved one for some temporary people. Lying to your partner will make it difficult for him to trust you and in this way, the basic foundation of your relationship will become weak. Being truthful to your partner will boost your relationship.

14. Know The Persons Important To Him

Know The Persons Important To Him

When we truly love someone, we start loving everything and everyone associated to them as well. You should take all efforts to know his family, friends or even his pets. Try to mix well among them and win their hearts too. Guys love their girls to take these kinds of efforts for them. Even if you don’t like any of his friends, don’t ask him to stop hanging out with that friend as controlling your partner is what makes a relationship unhealthy.

15. Talk About Things Of His Interest

Always talk to him about the things he is interested in. Ask him about his new interests also. Boys love you more when you pay attention to their interests. This makes them feel that you really care about their interests.

16. Make Him Feel Special

Make Him Feel Special

Never miss a chance to make your partner feel special. It’s not important that you should do something bigger like arranging dinner in an expensive restaurant. Even your little efforts will make a great difference like cooking his favorite food for him or wearing his favorite dress. Surprise him with small things. Don’t miss a chance to tell him how much he means to you. This will make him feel that you really love him and he will also return your efforts.

17. Compliment Him

Compliment Him

Remember that it’s not the sole responsibility of the guys to give you compliments. You should also compliment him for what you like about him. Like telling him that he looks amazing in that t-shirt or he looks good even in the beard. This will make him feel that you actually notice him and care for him.

18. Talk About Future

Talk About Future

Discuss your future with your boyfriend. Involve him in every dream of yours about future. Tell him that you want explore new places and things with him, tell him that you want to be his wife, that you want have kids with him, that you want to grow old with him and want to die in his arms one day. Telling him that you see your future with him will assure him that he can have you for the rest of his life. This will make your relationship to last forever.

19. Don’t Overthink

Don’t Overthink

We girls often have this bad habit of overthinking. We start looking at the situations as per our thinking. Like if our partner doesn’t call back we start thinking that he might be having fun with other girls or people while in reality, he was busy in an office meeting. Overthinking will make you frustrated and you might ruin your relationship in that frustration.

20. Be His Best Friend First

Be His Best Friend First

You can’t be a good girlfriend if you are not his best friend. Boys tend to open up more to their friends than their girlfriends. So try to be his best friend and listen to him without being judgmental. This will make you guys come closer to each other.

21. Don’t Disappoint Him

 Don’t Disappoint Him

Try not to disappoint him every time he wants something from you. We tend to expect things from our partner in a relationship and there is nothing wrong with this. He expects things from you only because you are his girl. So try to fulfill his desires as much as you can.

So these were the tips for all the girls out there who are truly in love and are willing to strengthen their relationship with their guys. Hope this helped. Please let us know through your comments 🙂

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