How to Make Money with a Blog For Beginners

How to Make Money with a Blog For Beginners

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Do you want to become a blogger? Or Have you just started your blogging career? Want money with a blog?

As a beginner, there are several questions that may come to one’s mind and it is really difficult to know from where to begin all these. In this article, I’ll provide all the answers to your questions.

But before starting, you should know what are your niches?

Niche is the topic of your blog. Like if you have knowledge of Programming, then you may choose   Programming tips as your niche, etc.

If You have not started your blog yet and wants to start one, first you have to choose the best blogging platform. I recommend you to read my article How to Start a Blog Guide first.

How To Make Money With a Blog For Beginners

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for the beginners and even the non-technical person can easily manage it.

The very first thing I want to tell you is that the income from blogging doesn’t happen in one day or in one month.  It demands a lot of patience and consistent efforts. After starting a Blog, you need to make a genuine audience who will help you to increase your blog traffic.

In the beginning, creating a huge traffic is not possible, you have to build it through social media. For this, create your social profile in every social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Google Plus, etc.

Blogging helps you to make money through various sources like google adsense, affiliate marketing, e-books etc. I’ve explained these in details below. If you find yourself stuck at any point, feel free to contact me. I am always here to guide you.

1. Google Adsense:

Google adsense is the most popular idea with which you can earn. In the Google Adsense program, you can put the Google Ads on your Blog or Site and when the visitors visit your site and click on these ads, then google pay you some percentage of the ads.

Earn Money From Google Adsense

  • For this, You need to create a Google Adsense account.
  • After creating the account, Google gives you the code. You need to add this code to your site where you want to display the ad.

If you are a beginner and don’t know about the adsense, You should Read this article – How to Add Google Adsense Code To your Site.

Activating the Google Adsense account takes some time. After activating, Google will show ads from different advertisers that are matched to the content on your blog so that your visitors just see the relevant ads. Adsense is a Popular program to earn with the blog if your site has a huge traffic.

Warning: Don’t click on your own Ads. Google is very smart to detect these type of actions.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Another most popular method to earn with a blog is Affiliate Marketing. Every time, when the user clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product, You’ll get the commission.

Where to Find Affiliate Programs?

To be very honest there are a number of options available and you can easily become an affiliate. Many new bloggers always start with Amazon Affiliate program. Sign up to become an Amazon Affiliate and use links associated with your niches within your blog. When someone makes a purchase on Amazon through your link, you will get a commission on that product.

You can choose the products and brands which you want to promote and to earn.

Steps to Start Affiliate:

1. Sign up to Amazon and/or affiliate marketing networks.

2. Create a List of those products and brands that you want to promote and use to earn money.

Suppose, if you are promoting a laptop which you use and you know what are the features of it, You can easily write a tutorial on that Laptop.

Within that tutorial, you can use your affiliate link for the laptop and if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you’ll get paid.

You can also write product reviews as an article. This is a trendy way to earn money. Other fashion and beauty bloggers also use the same strategy and they earn a lot from this.

3. Promote your blog or Content:

Promote Yourself On Social Media

You can earn through an affiliate only if your site has a huge traffic. For this, you need to promote your content on the Social Media, through email marketing. More Traffic means, More chance to earn.

3. Sell Your Own Products (Ebook for Example):

If you have the potential to sell your own products, an ebook is a great idea to get started.

This strategy seems fairly straightforward because you can just sell these products directly through your Site or Blog and get paid immediately.

Sell Your Own Products (Ebook for Example)

Creating great products that are well built and polished require a lot of time and extra resources like the design, etc. Many bloggers sell their first eBook at a very moderate price and that’s good. Don’t worry, You don’t have to write thousands of pages. Buyers want only eBooks with brief and concise content.

Steps to Start Ebook:

1. Analyse what your customers want to know and are interested in. Also, know your areas of expertise.

2. Write eBook: it’s better not to overdo things using the fancy software. You can start writing and formatting your eBooks in google docs. Canva helps you to create an attractive cover.

3. Figure out where to sell: To sell your eBook, you can use a variety of platforms:

  • On your own blog: Promote it on your blog using banners in the sidebar, also mention it in your blog posts or pages. If you are providing email marketing service, then definitely let your visitors know you have an Ebook that you want to sell.
  • On Amazon: You can also use Amazon (most popular e-commerce site) to sell your Ebook.

Now the next part will be to receive payments from the buyers. For payments, you can use Paypal services.

5. Promote your eBook: The last and important step to do is the promotion of your hard work. Promote your Ebook on social media platforms like on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and others. Don’t feel awkward what are you doing, this is the time, you’ll get a fruit of your hard work.

4. Freelance Writing:

Blogging is what you can use to express yourself and your ideas to the world. But remember Blogging is not meant for every other person.

You can succeed in blogging Only if you have the talent for writing. If you really love writing, then blogging can help you earn money as well.

You can also start selling freelance writing services to the clients. Especially In the initial stages, when there is not huge traffic on your blog, freelance writing is a way to make instant money.

Freelance Writing

Steps to Start Freelance Writing:

1. Find your Specialty: There are dozens of freelance writing available today. It’s your job to decide in which field you have interests. If you have an interest in Social media writing, go for it. If you have the Technical knowledge, you can easily write content for the technical blogs.

2. Promote yourself: Don’t forget to promote your freelance writing services via Social Media and other relevant places.

Have any questions regarding the blogging? Let me know through your comments. Please don’t forget to share it.

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