About Us

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Howdy!! Welcome to TechnoVigor – where everything you want is just a click away. Technovigor is all about technologies, health and wellness, love and relationships, success and inspirations, lifestyle and beauty and a lot more.

Why TechnoVigor??

  • This single blog will provide you with everything you wanna know.
  • Practical tips on how to earn from blogging if you are really passionate about blogging.
  • Tips and experts bits of advice on how to maintain everlasting relationships with your loved ones.
  • All about one’s health and wellness including yoga and exercises.
  • A special dedication to all the lovely ladies out there working day and night.

Hey! I am Himani Bhardwaj, founder of TechnoVigor, Web Developer, and Plugin Developer.

We all have one such person in our life who inspires us to achieve what we always wanted! right? And for me, that person is none other than Mr, harsh Agrawal– top blogger, of India. Though I am still in that 9-6 job and looking forward to the day when I will get rid of that. It’s not easy for me to find time for blogging because of my job but that doesn’t stop me from working towards my goals. And I hope to soon share my achievements with you guys. 🙂

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